A Unique Bottle Design can be Protected

According to the Wine Market Council, fifty seven percent of all wine consumed on site is by women. Over half of the wine consumption in the U.S. is by women. According to an article by Marti Barletta posted at http://www.adage.com, “Marketing Wines To Women,” February 7, 2006, women shop for wine with the final experience in mind. Perhaps armed with that knowledge, Lushious LLC of Yorktown Heights, New York applied for a design patent on a wine bottle shaped somewhat like a women’s leg in a high heel shoe. And the U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No. D703,543 on April29, 2014 on the design, shown left: U.S. Patent No. D703,543 issued on April 29, 2014 to Lushious LLC. Continue reading


Do It Yourself Copyright

 Have you ever written a computer program, song, article, painted a picture, taken a photo, designed unique jewelry, or other work, and wondered if you should copyright it?  There is good news:  copyright law, unlike patent law, protects a work as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium.  For example, as soon as an artist paints a picture, the picture is protected by copyright.  Now you may wonder, why register the work?  There are substantial benefits to registration.

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