A Wine By Any Other Name Might Not Taste As Sweet

autumnwine Many casual wine drinkers do not readily remember the name of a good wine they have tasted. The best way for a vintner to make a memorable impression is by using a unique logo (images used in connection with a good or service). After all, a picture can make a much stronger impression than most words. For example, the names “3 HORSE RANCH” and “GREAT WHITE WINES” may be unique. When coupled with the images of three horses or a great white shark, the names become unforgettable:

Most people hearing the word “trademarks” think of words that indicate a source or company, such as “GALLO,” “KENDALL-JACKSON,” and others. Without trademark protection, no business, be it winery, vineyard or other business, would be identifiable to buyers. Specifically, the mark is what a buyer remembers and looks for the next time the same product is desired. Logos, one type of trademark, can be used alone, or in combination with words.

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