Internet Speed and Convenience, When It Comes To Trademarks, Is Not Always A Blessing

tmsearchThe internet provides fast access to many things, such as books, concert tickets and movie revues.  You can now even file trademark applications using the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s (PTO’s) web site  It’s easy and the site takes credit cards.  You can also search trademarks for free at the same site.  However, think before you click.

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How To Protect Against Domain Name Piracy & Other Domain Name Issues

domain-nameMany business owners, wine-industry included, like to use their business name as a domain name. However, a recent trend is to select a domain name that sounds more “generic” than the business name. For example, one winery and resort uses “” as a domain name, rather than its business name. Why? The use of generic and/or descriptive names may place the site higher in search rankings.

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Do It Yourself Copyright

 Have you ever written a computer program, song, article, painted a picture, taken a photo, designed unique jewelry, or other work, and wondered if you should copyright it?  There is good news:  copyright law, unlike patent law, protects a work as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium.  For example, as soon as an artist paints a picture, the picture is protected by copyright.  Now you may wonder, why register the work?  There are substantial benefits to registration.

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