The Value of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has almost limitless value.  Microsoft Corporation has a stranglehold on computer operating systems due to its intellectual property.  If the Windows™ operating system could be freely copied, Microsoft would be devastated.  If the Coca-Cola Company did not obtain and enforce its many trademarks, we might all be drinking Pepsi™.  Intellectual property protection promotes growth by limiting competition.

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How Every Business Should Protect Its Trademarks

Identity theft is something we all hope never happens to us.  The recommended steps to prevent identity theft include carefully protecting financial documents, periodic monitoring of our credit reports, never giving out our social security number without good reason, etc.  Trademarks should also be carefully guarded, because they are your business identity.

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Patent Reexamination Procedure

Patent Reexamination is a procedure by which the USPTO reconsiders the validity of the claims of an issued patent in view of prior art which was not considered during the original prosecution.  This article will discuss the patent reexamination procedure, and a later post will discuss some of the advantages, disadvantages, and possible consequences clients must consider when filing for reexamination.

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